Tadoba Bamboo Forest copy

Photographs have the power to tell stories and this website makes an attempt to do exactly that. As a Wildlife-Explorer and a Photographer, I’m fortunate to be born in India. It offers some incredible flora and equally amazing fauna found nowhere else on earth.

Imagine you are walking on a forest path, just you and the jungle for company, a rustle here, a distant Sambar call there, slowly but gradually the sights and sounds of a Jungle wraps you in its arms.Bird

On one such walks, I patiently wait some distance away from a tree, where the mighty Great Pied Hornbills rest for a while before flying back home. As I look at my watch I realize I’ve been waiting for almost an hour but then decide to wait for some more time. When the sun begins its descent rapidly I decide to call it a day and start walking back, I hardly walk few paces when I hear the distinct call of the Hornbills as if to say ‘we are coming my friend do not leave.’ My heart starts pounding and as I look back I see flocks of them flying towards me and by the time I could take in, this spiritual experience, I see more flocks coming and calling out at the same time. It was an experience I shall never forget in my life.

This is where I long to be, hope you enjoy looking at the Photographs as much as I did creating them.